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Model Room

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China, Xinxiang

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Interior Design, Model Room, Modern

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Shanghai UMA Design

Team Members

Tuanhui Xiong, Dandan Chen, Guofeng Chen, Yanzhi Leng, Jie Li

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Shanghai UMA Design

Project Description

The heaviness of the ancient city culture and the vitality of the new era merge with each other, blending modern design and localization, blurring the boundary between commerce and art, and showing new vitality. We use green as the main color to express. Green symbolizes vitality and metaphors. The meaning of silence.Just like the sprouts growing out of industrial cement, to open up the vitality of the space, to bring us a vigorous and vigorous space, and to experience the tranquility away from the hustle and bustle.
Apart from being clean and tidy, there is no complicated decorative language and no skills. We try to tell a space full of vitality in the integration of nature and the city. Our team hopes to create a path to perceive nature, realize multi-level experience scene artistic conception through different spaces, and create a harmonious coexistence with the natural environment.
Each space will have its own individual personality and temperament. Starting from respecting the local culture and characteristics of a city, the changes in the use of colors, the endowment of materials, and the story of the unique design of the city are the most suitable for exploring the space.

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Daqi Zhang



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