Sincere Garden

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Project Title

Sincere Garden

Project Function

Real Estate Landscape

Project Location

China, Dalian

Project Tags

Real Estate Landscape, Modern Oriental, Zen

Office Name

Hangzhou Gescape Design Co.,Ltd

Team Members

Fan Ge, Yingyi Lou, Hongyuan Wang, Ji Yu, Xin Zhao, Yixiang Pei

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Hangzhou Gescape Design Co.,Ltd

Project Description

The site is located in Ganjingzi District, Dalian, with good natural conditions and complete cultural and educational facilities around it. The overall design of the building is light, concise and smart, and will be used as a kindergarten in the future. Therefore, in addition to the glass curtain and gray aluminum plate, a large number of warm color wood grain grids are also used. The landscape design draws on the natural mountain and sea culture of Dalian, combines the architectural tone, organically integrates the two into the site, creating a relaxed and comfortable living place, thus conveying the "Modern Oriental Zen" with Dalian characteristics.
In the limited space, combined with the light and shadow changes, the design team divides the structure of the demonstration area into four parts, which can bring better visiting experience for the owners.
The architectural language continues in the landscape. In the depth of light and shadow changes and space conversion, architecture, landscape and nature are integrated. Plants mostly appear alone in the corridor space, conveying the spiritual connotation of the site and becoming the finishing touch.

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Sincere Garden


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