Xiangjiang Peacock City Yushan Mansion

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Project Title

Xiangjiang Peacock City Yushan Mansion

Project Function

Residential House

Project Location

China, Changsha

Project Tags

Interior Design, Residential, Simplicity, Luxury

Office Name

Mulplan Interior Design

Team Members

Wenjie Lu, Xiaoqiong Huang, Yan Chen

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Mulplan Interior Design

Project Description

This project is located in the core area of Yuhu Industrial New City, which inherits and inherits the characteristics of urban cultural form. Taking the oriental cultural background as the starting point, integrating design features, and striving to radiate the beauty of the project from the interior of each ornament, reshape a healthy and high-quality lifestyle, and create an urban core with pleasant scale and exquisite space.
The Chinese gateway abandoned the tedious device and various color modifications, adopted a single "maple leaf red", plus three-dimensional light and shadow layout techniques to leave the viewer infinite reverie, like a piece of maple leaf into the room, to undertake the order of home ceremony.
The overall living room is mainly composed of kite tones and ocher tones, which are peaceful and restrained, making the modern and elegant space full of color charm, giving people a sense of liveliness, simplicity and luxury.
The parent-child workshop is an interactive parent-child space with a strong artistic style and imagination.

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RICCI Space Photography

Xiangjiang Peacock City Yushan Mansion


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