Shenzhen Zhaoxin Light Gallery

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Shenzhen Zhaoxin Light Gallery

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China, Shenzhen

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Landscape, Gallery, Corridor, Nature

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Brandon Huang, Ken Qiu, Qianqian Zhu, Xibei Wu, Yongxun Wu, Junming Huang

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The main focus of the landscape design is to create an attractive corridor connecting Shennan Avenue and the Gallery.
Building on the existing narrow construction corridor is a huge challenge. We have to cooperate with the shops on east side, which cannot close for even one single day, reinforce the structure that will carry extra loading of aluminum panels, and re-apply the water proofing system to protect the new lighting system.
We create a perforated and water corrugated facade as the gate way of the first passage. By wrapping the existing construction corridor with aluminum panels and lighting strips, the Dim Corridor becomes a time tunnel that brings the guests from the busiest avenue to the tranquil water courtyard.
The sun lights shine into the water ripples, through the diamond-shape screen and eventually reflects on the ceiling of the second passage. With feature screen on one side and vertical planting on the other side, the Bright Corridor leads the guests to the gallery entrance. A feature contour-line chandelier demarcates the climax of the landscape journey.
We are trying all our best to work with nature, urban environment and the complicated infrastructure.

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Lifeng Yu

Shenzhen Zhaoxin Light Gallery


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