Hidden Restaurant of Mountain in Shijiazhuang

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Hidden Restaurant of Mountain in Shijiazhuang

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China, Shijiazhuang

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Interior Design, Restaurant, Nature

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Osten Space Design

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Kingdom Kuo, Zengxin Zhao, Xiang Ren, Xiufang Zhao

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Osten Space Design

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The entrance of the restaurant adopts the mountain-shaped reverse method, and the blank area is the actual 1:1 reflection of the mountain, which may add to the immersion and realism of entering the mountain. The natural rubble, the effect of water mist, and the landscape are all restoring the feeling of nature, giving people an immersive atmosphere.
The original space of the restaurant has a height of 6000mm. Due to the requirement of fire-fighting equipment in the mall, the height is not enough, and it may lead to a waste of space in the first floor. Therefore, a loft design was made for the space. From the scattered seats in the middle, we can see the landscape below, which leaves a feeling of nature. And above the elevated area, you can see the sky above the middle scattered seating area, which gives a sense of space extension.
There is another strength in the space, the use of "battle hat". It is a variant of the shading hats, decorated with large and exaggerated orange hats, scattering randomly above the dining area, which has a strong visual impact. The high and low "battle hats" are arranged like clouds.

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Hidden Restaurant of Mountain in Shijiazhuang


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