Hefei ZhongLiang Top Park Sales Office

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Project Title

Hefei ZhongLiang Top Park Sales Office

Project Function

Sales Center

Project Location

China, Hefei

Project Tags

Interior Design, Sales Center, Nature

Office Name

Shanghai UMA Design

Team Members

Xiong Tuanhui, Bi Shengsi, Luo Ting

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Shanghai UMA Design

Project Description

The design is based on contemporary aesthetics, and integrates local nature and humanity, arousing resonance between the scene and art, making the urban humanity and ethereal nature coexist, allowing every subtlety in the space to radiate outward. This kind of beauty is more profound to nature and daily life.
Apart from being clean and pure, there is no decorative language and no skills. We are trying to integrate nature, landscape and architecture. Our team hopes to create a path to perceive nature, through different spaces, to achieve multi-level experiential scene artistic conception, blending modern design and localization, blurring the boundary between business and art, and create a party that lives in harmony with the natural environment.
Each space will have its own individual personality and temperament. Starting from respecting the spatial form of the building, the change of the eaves form, the material endowment, and the space that fits the sloping roof are all exploring the most suitable solution direction of the space. The designer keeps the original style of the natural environment as much as possible, so that people can feel the real scenery of this land.

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Zheng Yan

Hefei ZhongLiang Top Park Sales Office


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