Zhonghai Jinjiang City Commercial Street, Chengdu

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Project Title

Zhonghai Jinjiang City Commercial Street, Chengdu

Project Function

Community Landscape

Project Location

China, Chengdu

Project Tags

Community, Contemporary, Downtown, Commercial

Office Name

ASL Landscape Design Group Shenzhen

Team Members

Jinwei He, Ying Mao

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ASL Landscape Design Group Shenzhen

Project Description

Located in the Tianfu New District of Chengdu, this case is an open, low-density commercial community park with a landscape area of more than 100,000㎡. Through harmonizing the community park and business atmosphere, the design team creates a brand-new sense of site and experience in the city, as well as a new, unique cultural memory symbol. By incorporating diversified use of materials and characteristic technologies, it joins the space into an interconnected, domain-specific composite site. In this way, it provides the community with a complex of ecologically natural park space and commercial space, interprets the new development pattern of the contemporary downtown community, and further promotes the economic development of the region.
Following the concept of "interpreting the tradition with the modern", the design team integrates the characteristics of Chengdu traditional houses into the architecture. The western Sichuan style green tile slope roof matches well with the grilled large glass curtain wall. The elegant dark gray roof works with the overhanging cornice to develop a unique feature, looking light and concise in shape.

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Zhonghai Jinjiang City Commercial Street, Chengdu


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