Days at the Mountain Retreat

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Days at the Mountain Retreat

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Single-house villa, Natural daylight, renovation

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Zhaimei Interior Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

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Hui-Wun Wu

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Zhaimei Interior Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

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This project is a single house villa for a family on a mountain area. The client hopes to have a quiet, relaxing and deep-textured residential space in the quiet mountainous environment. Therefore, in the overall design, dark-colored materials are used as the main basis, and various materials such as black color, wooden veneer, natural stone and other materials are used to bring out the rich and exquisite layer changes. In the public area, deep and dark gray color is used as the main color concept, and it is appropriately integrated with metal elements and lightings. In the entrance and the living room sofa back wall, the royal-shade textured stone is used. Under the characteristics of mixed and colorful materials, giving the space a layered feeling of richness. Having so many windows that are designed to connect to the outdoor scenery also makes the natural sunlight be able to get inside the space, bringing out a transparent and bright atmosphere. And the use of the grid on the materials between the window and the stairs, under the projection of natural sunlight, showing the natural appearance of interlacing light and shadow, shaping quiet texture of interlacing virtual.

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Zhaimei Interior Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Days at the Mountain Retreat


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