An Enchanting Villa

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An Enchanting Villa

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Taiwan, New Taipei city

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Interior Design, Yunding Interior Design Co., Ltd

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Yunding Interior Design Co., Ltd

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Jacky Chang

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Yunding Interior Design Co., Ltd

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Adopt the cool color scheme of black, white, and gray as the basic tone, and then decorate with polished stone and titanium plated metal, so as bring about the magnificent, stylish yet low-key circumstance. Due to the homeowner's hospitable character, the designer sets up the sitting areas and a mini-bar at the foyer and the living-dining room, which are adequate for affective interaction and gathering. The cabinets display the art crafts and vintage wines, and the surrounding flora elements, perfectly couple the host's preferences with the environment, which give off the distinguished aesthetics.
Take the advantages of planning an unfinished house, which can configure the layout freely, therefore, divide the foyer into two parts - first, lay a cozy couch in the dust area for visitors to wait for a while, after come in further, set up a locker for hanging coats and bags. Besides, as the transition between the public and private areas, set up a long hallway in the center of the residence to meet the needs of greeting guests and keeps the privacy of family life at the same time.
Make use of sheeny materials such as dark mirrors and marble to configure the most public areas.

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Yunding Interior Design Co., Ltd

An Enchanting Villa


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