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Marbella, Malaga, Spain

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Interior design, sushi restaurant, ceiling, wood

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Paco Lago Interioriza

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Paco Lago, Toni Albadalejo, Alejandro Picatoste, Sebastián Navas, Julia Naranjo, Elisabet Valenzuela, Ana Albarracín and Alba Urbano

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Paco Lago Interioriza

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Despite its succesfull path and recognised reputation, the interior design of Ta-Kumi was not in accordance with what its stoves were cooking. We put creativity to serve the geometry and nature, designing new spaces. Noble woods and legendary inscriptions in native Japanese make the customer journey within Ta-Kumi a complete experience and not just a gastronomic one.
As if it was a sharp knife which the Japanese cookers worship standing in front of the stoves, respectful with the ancient ritual, the interior design of Ta-Kumi blends greyish wood, present in handles, sheets and stones.
The user enters a space conceived in the Japanese culture itself, and where each edge of the experience represents another step within this millenary tradition.
The former terrace is now totally integrated in the restaurant, where the current wood structures have been modified, the stone, and the direct&indirect lighting allows to play with the atmosphere. The execution schedule and the enclosed budget were key for the optimal progress of this project.
Likewise, light plays a fundamental role, since it is conceived as a complementary element to food, which enhances its color, texture and appearance.

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Fer Gómez Mateos



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