Shimao Bright Lihu Sales Center

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Project Title

Shimao Bright Lihu Sales Center

Project Function

Sales Center

Project Location

Wuxi, China

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Sales Center, Interior Design

Office Name

G&K Architecture Design

Team Members

Grace Kwai, Summer X

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G&K Architecture Design

Project Description

Located in Wuxi, China, the 800-square-meter space is a sales center of the property named Bright Lihu, which is developed by Shimao Group. Inspired by the flowing Lihu Lake, the interior design use a great amount of curves in the ceiling and the spherical installation to highlight the posture of free movement. The diversity of technology and space form together constitute the infiniteness of design. The reception lobby is in a palace style with red and green palette. The luxurious front desk and vermilion table legs enlighten the space and the grainy hanging painting looks like the stretching mountains; while the pink decorations reflect the elegant life idea. Avoiding glorious and luxury decoration, the sand table area incorporates fresh and playful design concepts through pink and white decorative balloons and three-dimensional mirror disk ornaments. It is a breakthrough in sales center decoration and it has brought the space atmosphere alive while embellishing the space core area. In the negotiation area, bold and romantic red is used as the main color with pure white interspersed in it. The petal-like negotiation chairs bloom in the space like roses, adding a romantic flair.

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Shimao Bright Lihu Sales Center


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