As the handscroll painting unfurls

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As the handscroll painting unfurls

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New Chinese style of interior design

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Chains Interior

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Yi-Sin jhang/Li-Fang Shen

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Chains Interior

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Every quarter in this home has its corresponding scenery that narrates the daily life of the family like a Chinese handscroll painting. Along with changes of the outdoor view, the scroll unfurls to tell stories of the dynamic interaction and relationship of family members in each space…
The narrative begins with a standing lamp at the entrance of the home. Silver as the moon, the lantern emits gentle halo to welcome the homeowner’s return.
Looking inward, the glass pane with Chinese characters of “ren” forms a private room, from which another level of scenery—silhouettes of joyful toasting and chattering in family gatherings—is displayed.
Guided by the pearly gleam on the wall, the staircase leads to the living quarters on the second floor where yet another narrative unfolds. The scenery differs from the continuity that characterizes the floor below. Here the story is divided into four vastly different segments devoted to sleep, reading, music or play.
Walking further up the stairs to the master’s bedroom on the top floor is like reaching the climax of the narrative. The expansive attic overlooks green mountains and waters, and is sheltered by a gold dome.

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Chains Interior

As the handscroll painting unfurls


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