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Sheeny Abode

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Taiwan, Kaohsiung

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Interior Design, raimi Interior Design

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raimi Interior Design

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raimi Interior Design

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The design team holds the concept of creating a warm and serene mansion, hence, adopts the Earth tone for the whole space. First , by means of the distinctive arc lines of the Baroque style and the modern furnishing to shape the unique style that across time and space. And then, by way of the open-floor pattern to provide the smooth flow for the family interaction. Moreover, manifest the abundant humanistic implication via the excellent arrangement of the color scheme and multiple elements.
Take the advantages of multiple elements such as wall fabric, marble, and solid wooden veneer; moreover, adopt the color scheme of light green, hazel, and dark brown to set the Earth tone of the space. The moldings work in concert with the wall via the gradient color, which creates the vigorous feature without conflict. At the same time, make use of the Volaks marble and the wall fabric of silver trims to bring out the gentle texture beneath the nature light of the space.

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raimi Interior Design


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