Papillon Design Table

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Papillon Design Table

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Dining Table

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Belgium, Wortegem-Petegem

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Design, Table, Architecture, Interior, Outdoor

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Inspired by my father, who worked in the natural stone industry for a long time, and my own knowledge of stone materials, I've created a new brand of high-quality design tables, called: Havani.
Every component is handmade by local family businesses. This methodology allows us to guarantee the quality of so many materials and finishes.
Everything starts with slabs, a slab of stone and some slabs of steel. We use a laser to cut the steel sheet into ‘spaghetti, linguini and tagliatelle’. Only the steel octagon of 5 cm thickness that's available with a stone inlay, which asymmetrically connects each table leg, is cut by a modern Waterjet. We bend and weld the steel components into 4 table legs and a subframe, which has a reversed shark nose edge. The tabletop is cut by a CNC or Waterjet and is available in multiple surface- and edge finishes.
The result is that in sideview, an abstract aerial butterfly silhouette arises, and on frontal view, an X-view arises. This generates a unique Look-and-Feel in the environment both indoor and outdoor. Outdoors, we offer a hydrodynamic zinc coating under the powder coating, or pearl blasted stainless steel or sandblasted Corten Steel.

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Papillon Design Table


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