A Glamorous Apartment with A Peacock Inspired Colour Scheme

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A Glamorous Apartment with A Peacock Inspired Colour Scheme

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Interior design, Apartment

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Prestige Global Designs

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Michael Ong & Jeremy Tay

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Prestige Global Designs

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Located off the city’s swanky embassy row, its surrounding views were enviable, but the original layout was not optimal. The space was reshaped to turn it into a sanctuary. Animal sculptures are set in dark wood cabinets at the entrance. A lush black and white carpet creates visual interest. The narrow kitchen was merged with the yard to create a bright and spacious culinary area. Full-height mirrored walls accentuate the sense of space. Gold glass doors conceal the TV and form part of the feature wall. It houses a pedestal with a stainless-steel sculpture that embodies positivity and strength. An artwork depicting a peacock in all its full glory energises the living room. It’s paired with a sofa, silver rug and rose gold chandelier. The balcony provides a calming reading nook. The sage-green tiles and dining chairs echo the views of the verdant greenery. The white marble dining table commands attention with unique ice-green veins. In the master bedroom, a velvet headboard is beautifully framed with gold trimmings. A silk cushion masterfully extends chromatic harmony. Another bedroom has been transformed into a walk-in wardrobe. It doubles as a study that boasts views of Singapore.

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Photographer - Jasper Yu

A Glamorous Apartment with A Peacock Inspired Colour Scheme


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