The Sky Club Elements Chamber

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The Sky Club Elements Chamber

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DongGuan City, Guang Dong province, China

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Interior, Hospitality, informal working space

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OAS Design Associates (Beijing)Ltd

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Neville Yung

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OAS Design Associates (Beijing)Ltd

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Being located on the top floor of the Kande Hotel in Dongguan the SCEC contains multiple complex functions including those of commercial activities, catering and banquets as well as of cultural and artistic promotion. It is a multifunctional space that integrates communication, experience, banquets and business. Therefore, the design style is balanced in order to meet multiple functional requirements at the same time.
Its curved shapes, which are stacked up and down, form an uneven but interesting special order, realize the spatial rhythm of gathering and dispersal and, what's more, embody the sense of spatial hierarchy. With the addition of moss and green plants, the ecological concept is integrated into the space to increase its spiritual vitality.

The cruise bar is the set theme of the sky garden on the top floor. Its interior layout has been redesigned by remodeling the location of the original sky garden. The water-corrugated glass in the middle bar area echoes the theme of a cruise ship. On the other side of the wall, the concept of nature is taken to the extreme: it looks like a waterfall, but it is actually a video wall full of LED.

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OAS Design Associates (Beijing)Ltd

The Sky Club Elements Chamber


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