Castles in Ceramic

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Castles in Ceramic

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Multifunctional Pot

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Italy, Teramo

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pot, tableware, lifestyle, sustainability, ceramic

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Andrea Cingoli

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The great tradition of Ceramics of Castelli is the inspiration. An excellence with centuries of history, which could be found in the tableware of the most important ruling dynasties in Europe. In this project, ceramics are revitalized to give a contemporary dimension to this tradition: modularity, ease of use and timeless design, with unique hand-decorated pieces, one by one, which are brought directly to our tables from the museum.
“Castles in Ceramic” is a modular ceramic vase to be used as a fruit bowl or container. When open, the kit combines beauty and functionality for use at the table; when closed it becomes a piece of furniture with sinuous shapes. The decorations are hand painted by the Ceramic Masters making each vase a masterpiece. Modeling can be done on a lathe or plaster mold. The decoration takes up traditional themes of Castelli. The kit can be made in different types of ceramic and fired at different temperatures to respond to different types of use, particularly for food use. Also dishwasher safe, each vase is made up of four parts that can be easily assembled by overlapping them with their stable and precise interlocking.
Height 38cm; max. diameter 18cm.

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Castles in Ceramic


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