SUNAC Elegant West Garden of Peach Blossom Spring

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SUNAC Elegant West Garden of Peach Blossom Spring

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Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, China

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Interior Design

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Shenzhen Hua Mo International Design Co.,Ltd.

Team Members

Yanhua Xiong, Shuqin Gu , Zejin Wang , Ting Jiang

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Yanhua Xiong

Project Description

SUNAC Elegant West Garden of Peach Blossom Spring | The Song Dynasty Aesthetics in Contemporary Life
The Song Dynasty was called the “Eastern Renaissance” by western scholars. It makes the pinnacle of Chinese classical arts. This gentleman’s style and manner, the rich culture accumulated trough times, and that elegant artistic temperament are all displayed in living style and furnishing aesthetics in this project.
Art is the origin of imagination. The true feelings of mankind, their inner world and passion towards the world all resides in art. The displaying artworks in this project represents the vitality of space, which also makes the best way to resonate with users emotionally. Artistic landscaping language not only just showcases the culture context of this project, but also brings unique personality to it.
The “October Persimmon Feast” in this project draws inspiration from designers’ understanding of transitional solar terms and also is an expectation expressed for returning back to the traditional way of life.
What designers create and inspire is exactly the returning desire of the modern people to go back to the oriental aesthetics and spirits.

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Lephoto, Xiaokang Chen (Art Director)

SUNAC Elegant West Garden of Peach Blossom Spring


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