SUNAC Lea Annees Lumiere of Peach Blossom Spring

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SUNAC Lea Annees Lumiere of Peach Blossom Spring

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Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, China

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Interior Design

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Shenzhen Hua Mo International Design Co.,Ltd.

Team Members

Yanhua Xiong, Zejin Wang, Fangfang Li, Guifang Luo, Ting Jiang, Jiamin Wu

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Yanhua Xiong

Project Description

SUNAC Lea Annees Lumiere of Peach Blossom Spring | Reimagine the Dwelling from A Contemporary Perspective
Contemporary Context
In the wave of globalization, younger generations in China generates brand new understandings of the tradition and inheritance based on their cross-cultural experience.
SUNAC Chunfeng Taoyuan is the first of “Taoyuan Series” villa project built by SUNAC South China branch in the Greater Bay area.
Architecture of this project pays homage to the inner message of Lingnan building, providing people with a relaxing and tolerated living area.
A hand-made art installation made of copper sheets that runs through the 4-storey staircase patio is as light as a flying ribbon.
Sentimental Instincts
Aside from the user experience, designers take the social and emotional attributes of design into consideration.
The design of master bedroom in the villa follows the shape of Chinese sloping roof.
The study room as the owner’s private area has to be silent, elegant and comfortable.
Private Space
Basement 1st floor of this villa as a multifunction area that is consisted of living room, gym, wine cellar, bar, etc. presents more personality of its owner in design.

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Lephoto, Xiaokang Chen (Art Director)

SUNAC Lea Annees Lumiere of Peach Blossom Spring


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