Lanchen Life Exhibition Hall

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Project Title

Lanchen Life Exhibition Hall

Project Function

Exhibition Hall

Project Location

Xian City, China

Project Tags

Life, Esign, City

Office Name

Shanghai Likai Decoration Design Co., Ltd

Team Members

Lely Guo, Huifang Yu, Xiaoling Zhang, Jinjie Guo

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Lely Guo

Project Description

Looking for a quiet and secluded space in the oriental charm, the prologue is opened, changing and jumping with the scene, and the metal, wood and stone in the front desk area are cleverly combined to draw a crystal clear artistic conception. The sunlight flows freely in the room. Transparent materials such as glass interact with the light beautifully. The ground uses modern design techniques, a single white marble bright and matte mix, the natural mottled color of the original stone and the form of unrestrained works of art echo each other, taking the mountain as the source, mutual interlacing, so that the guests feel the rich atmosphere of ancient charm. The product exhibition area displays the avant-garde Furnishing Art of blue city town with the combination of fusion, nature and furnishing. It not only gives the product vitality, but also stimulates the imagination with an open space attitude.
Every scene is created with ingenuity, and every object draws color from the traditional painting.
One scene and one feeling are like a dream, which makes the senses through the eyes and the heart touch, rich and gorgeous, gentle and leisurely, quiet and elegant.

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Daqi Zhang

Lanchen Life Exhibition Hall


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