Glowing Sunshine

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Glowing Sunshine

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Taiwan, Taichung City

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modern, fresh and simple, pet-friendly

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Sysdeng Interior Decoration Design Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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Tzu Yi Yang

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Sysdeng Interior Decoration Design Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Project Description

This project is a five-storey townhouse which is a totally open space , as well as mixed office and residential spaces that located in the corner.
The original house’s electric wires and water pipes were very old and disorganized.
The design team fixed the problems and added appropriate balconies and bathrooms to improve the living conditions.
By changing the direction of main door to hide the entrance of living area which gives the clients more private.
The clients have a cat and their friends and family come and visit frequently.
The design team design a hallway-door which has a small swinging door, it’s not only offers the cat comes and goes freely, but also divide the public and private areas.

The new-built balcony located in the living room which bringing the sun light into the whole house.
Transparent sliding doors are set in front of the island in the open kitchen. It can block the cooking fume and still being able to interact with the living room.
White, black and grey are main colors of the entire space, the design team use wood veneer as complementary color, to create a comfortable living space.

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Sysdeng Interior Decoration Design Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Glowing Sunshine


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