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Project Title

ABA Perugia

Project Function

Branding and graphics campaign

Project Location

Italy, Perugia

Project Tags

Branding, typography, motion, graphic design

Office Name

Salt & Pepper

Team Members

Paul Robb, Moira Bartoloni, Tommaso Calderini, Federica Simone, Naser Imache

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Salt & Pepper 2020

Project Description

The Accademia of Perugia one of Italy’s oldest art and design colleges in Italy, needed a new visual identity to reflect the institution’s desire to move quickly into the future. S&P worked with ABA’ s staff and students to involve different departments and aspects of the Academy. Our challenge was to create a unified kinetic brand identity and architecture that also gave individuality to the single courses. We created an energetic, strong, and positive identity that works across the different arts avoiding the typical clichés and conventions. A strong visual communication was achieved through the design of a classical-inspired logo and a bespoke typeface together with the development of dynamic use of images throughout print and digital.
For the 2020/21 student enrollment campaign, we developed a communication system using motion graphics to create a wide palette of still images. These images were complemented by colors and shapes morphing together to characterize and distinguish the different courses, workshops, and activities of the Academy. The resulting branding reflects the institutions' ethos of student engagement creating discourse using art as the catalyst.

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Image Credits

Salt & Pepper

ABA Perugia


DESIGN SCORE:      /100



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