The rule of circle

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Project Title

The rule of circle

Project Function

Residential design

Project Location

Zhubei City,Taiwan

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Residential design, Interior design

Office Name

Mobi Interior Design CO., LTD

Team Members

Po Yao,Li

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Mobi Interior Design CO., LTD

Project Description

Appearing like a dazzling Milky Way in the night sky, the delicate texture of the white marble wall softens the cold colors of gray and white.
The surface of storage cabinet is extended to the foyer, unfolding the axis horizontally and widening the space.
The hanging cabinet makes full use of the vertical height to fulfill the storage function and also eliminate the sense of pressure generated by the heavy cabinet body.

The dining area features scattered wooden gratings.
The gentle wood elements warm up the cold environment and also shape layers of the field.
The wood veneer that is slightly deeper in color constructs the wall behind the sofa. It harmonizes with the wall in natural light color of wood at the vista, creating a sense of consistency.
Clear glass is used instead of a solid partition wall to offer a panoramic view. The low-key amber glass creates a sensation of lightness and weightlessness.
The sliding iron framed door with inlaid glass expresses individuality in an elegant manner.

Bringing wood into the interiors perfectly describes the warm texture of the bedroom.
The geometric cuttings make the facade fun as well as enhancing the depth and dimension.

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Mobi Interior Design CO., LTD

The rule of circle


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