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Residential design

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New Taipei City,Taiwan

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Residential design, Interior design

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Chihwen Interior Design CO.,LTD

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Chihwen Interior Design CO.,LTD

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Simple space, complicated lines, and delicate decorations, and furniture in low-chroma colors are woven into a cozy scene.
With the open traffic flow as the layout, the light and shadow travel to every corner of the house and are used to deconstruct the space.

At the foyer, the crystal-clear bricks reflect warm lights, bringing a touch of calmness and softness between the virtual and the real world.
The cabinet besides the bricks guides the visual movement. The warm sunshine comes into view gently and gradually.
Painted with a pure color, the blank TV wall gives life a breathing space.
The modern leather sofa offers a strikingly personal style. With the mix of light and shade, you can feel the quietness falling on the air.

Wood offers a warm and peaceful atmosphere to the dining room.
The interlocking of dark and light wood patterns gives the facade rich and vivid layers.

In the bedroom, the wall in grayish blue from Morandi color system warms up the space.
Combined with the warmth of the wood, the extremely enveloping colors in the bedroom bring a very soothing and calming presence.
Bathed in the warm light, the room is full of exquisite coziness and warmth.

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Chihwen Interior Design CO.,LTD

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