Land of coherency

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Project Title

Land of coherency

Project Function

Residential design

Project Location

Taipei City,Taiwan

Project Tags

Residential design, Interior design

Office Name

A Space Interior Design CO.,LTD

Team Members

Yen Teng,Chen

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A Space Interior Design CO.,LTD

Project Description

The large floor-to-ceiling windows enable sunlight and shadow to flow into the house to enrich the spaces.
Through the design, the visual space is made richer. Besides, the open layout gives the space a pure and quiet atmosphere.

In the dining room, the herringbone wood floor creates a mellow humanistic atmosphere and provides a sensory experience by the combination of different shades of colors.

The TV wall is composed of wooden grating, bringing a calming and warm oriental zen feel.
The leather furniture in the style of modern minimalism and zen style TV wall offer great visual contrast.
The ceiling is like a piece of white rice paper, allowing light and shadow to dance freely and creating a unique life path.

The change of floor materials has given the field a clear division. It has also merged into a comfortable living environment.
The elegant bar counter is in black veneer to bring warmth to the field.
The hanging ball-shaped lamps and the metal crafts below light up the whole space and give the feeling of low-key luxury.

The private area is also designed in zen style. The use of light materials and the delicate wooden elements bring the profound poetic spirit to life.

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A Space Interior Design CO.,LTD

Land of coherency


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