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Art Book

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San Francisco

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Digital art, Language, Code, Sewing

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Shan Xu and Tairan Hao

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Shan Xu

Project Description

Code is a kind of hard to understand and controlled language, like C++, Java. It's preciseness and order exist in the digital world; in the meantime creates some mystery and tremendous work in the real world—this language, like a Morse Code, tries to translate one word to another meaning. I want to read its content and different meaning, this artwork uses accurate data, and regular pattern created a tangled trajectory, the irony is that the development of technology and data is really orderly what we see on the surface, or hide a chaos?

1. Based on the computer C++ code, output the glitch image, with disturbing emotions playing on the image.

2. Disassembled a physical circuit board to explore the inside information by a physcal way. Scan and print the profile of each unit of the board. Then a sawing machine was used to become an ideal representation of the transportation and communication between the digital units.

3. The most mysterious thing about a circuit board is its information storing and transportation functionality, which was only making sense to engineers before this project. This project discovered a way to reveal its inner sp

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Shan Xu


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