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Quiet and Elegant

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Taiwan, Taichung

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Residence, Interior Design, Taiwan, RUIGUAN

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Take advantages of style and function:
This is a dwelling for vacation. The house owner is fond of contemporary minimalism style, as well as the leisurely comfy circumstance. Therefore, how to deploy and amalgamate the atmosphere of concise, natural, humanistic and recreation becomes the proposition of design, thence to correspond the spatial function and ambience, meantime guarantee to meet the demands and preferences of each family member.

Transform the wall to meet the demands:
In response to the storage demands of the hostess, moreover to bring a neat, well-ordered perception and easy to clean at the same time, forasmuch we designed abundant storage volume and presented as lightweight as possible. We transformed the wall into cabinets; exploit the materials to bring variety changes. The bronze titanium plate brings the low profile of elegant atmosphere into the space. Keep proper distance above and aside, which divide the area accordingly. When the texture of the surface that accompanied by the flow of light and shadow, there is vaguely presented the screen. At the same time, this banner becomes the side view of the space.

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