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Pastrami Club

Project Function

Night Club

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Spain, Málaga

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Interior design, Night Club, Bar, Speakeasy

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PacoLago Interiorismo

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PacoLago Interiorismo

Project Description

The keyword to define 'Pastrami Club' is surprise. Surprise from the outside through the pastrami sandwich bar, with secret access to the club through the gentleman's bathroom where everything is upside down, when you find yourself in the lounge with its unique play of lights or its bar exclusive marble, when you go beyond the red curtain and enjoy the exclusive pink room, or when entering through the VIP access and think that you have gone down to hell. Surprise with a different narrative at different levels
We assumed from the outset that we had to get out of the conventional, designing thinking about a clandestine club concept involved a series of creative challenges, such as the one that led to the lighting of the entire premises: custom-made coffered ceiling hiding lamps that can move rhythmically or remain fixed. Or a roof of square boxes that curves until it merges with the back of the bar, in which each case is a lamp that changes color and intensity
For the election of vertical coverings, we opted for economical, versatile and resistant materials to which all their aesthetic potential has been removed: mirrors, vinyl coverings, hpl panels, metal curtains,stone or fabric

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Ivan Casal Nieto Photography

Pastrami Club


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