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MONEX - dining

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Mexico City

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Interior, Hospitality, informal working space

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Juan Carlos Baumgartner / Gabriel Téllez Galindo / Ivan Cortés / Ulises Mora

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Project Description

Office space is generally what is required, but there is increasing interest in intervening spaces specially designed for socialization and informal working environment.

In previous years, a extensive and specifically complex architectural program had been designed for the Monex corporate, one that encompassed the flexibility the corporate required, ever since, the exchange of ideas and the process with the client has been versatile and interesting. This time, its Dining Room is no exception.

This new stage, due to corporate growth, required the remodeling and expansion of their dining room and some other general areas.

Without a doubt, behind every space there is an aim that inspires movement, fight, work and overcoming ourselves everyday. By creating pleasant human environments for coexistence, adding factors such as ergonomics, light and color, we generate wellbeing, greater satisfaction and greater motivation to increase productivity and creativity, both valuable and essential resources for any organization.

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Crysel Bravo

MONEX - dining


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