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Design Lamp Packing

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Essen, Germany

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Packing Design

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Nico Schröder

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Nico Schröder

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Nico Schröder

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Caleo® is the modern reinterpretation of a natural wax – night candle. The idea is, to preserve the traditional interaction of mankind with light, by sparing the product of any buttons. Every traditional and sensual function of a night candle got reworked into more modern and contemporary features – all combined into one product. The lamp serves as a portable aroma diffuser, giving you romantic lighting together with soothing and refreshing fragrances by evaporating essential oils. Caleo enhances your mood, helps you concentrate during work or study, helps you to fall asleep or provides you with a general relaxing and healthy atmosphere. The project was my Bachelor Thesis at the Hochschule Rhein–Waal in 2017.

The process of choking the flame of the candle with a candle snuffer is long forgotten and not used anymore. The product interaction remains interesting though. ‘‘Originality extracts astounding ideas from the crevices of the commonness of everyday life’’ (Kenya Hara, 2011) was the phrase which inspired me to take this old idea of a candle and turn it into something more modern and contemporary. The ring now has the function of the candle snuffer and by moving it down the m

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Nico Schröder


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