Sculpture White

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Project Title

Sculpture White

Project Function

A single-detached house

Project Location

Zhubei City, Taiwan

Project Tags

A single-detached house, Sculpture

Office Name

D.H.I.A International design CO.,Ltd

Team Members

Ching Wen Huang

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D.H.I.A International design CO.,Ltd

Project Description

The house located at the corner is created into a sculpture as wished.
The owner of the property assigned the whole project from exterior architectural design, gardening design to interior design to the designers based on trust.

• Exterior Design
In terms of the functionality, it is vertically integrated on the east side of the building, which makes the west side of the building to have favourable conditions on presenting the layers of the architecture.
The windows of this architecture symbolism musical notes. The size of the white granite is adjusted to fit the size of the windows. Each granite on the wall has a different thickness. During the day, the building looks peaceful with the white granite. At night, with the light shining out through the windows, it gives the architecture a warm and vivid atmosphere.

• Interior Design
The interior of the ground floor is designed to have completely simplicity. Even the ceilings stay simple without extra decorations. Cleanness - Make it become your lifestyle attitude, so you can keep your mind simple and purely to enjoy the creative paintings from the artists.

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D.H.I.A International design CO.,Ltd

Sculpture White


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