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Taoyuan City, Taiwan

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house, art, colorful

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J.T International Interior Design

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Li Hui Wang

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J.T International Interior Design

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Brilliant ideas have been incorporated in the design to satisfy the residents’ “desire for creativity”, such as to draw on the glass door of the closets and stick any art pieces on the magnetic industrial style sheet metal wall. At first, there were just ideas of bits and pieces, then were extended to lines and surfaces and finally became the entire space. Everywhere you go, you see the personal traits of the couple and their kids: a perfect combination of refinement and individuality; earth-tone wood flooring and stone materials are used as the solid foundation for ceiling, floor, and cabinets, then greyish white and white paints are applied to the facades to subdue the background of the living space in order to accommodate all the lines and colors that are lively, intricate and differ in function.

The owner would like to have the kids’ ideas incorporated into the design of their rooms; the warm grey floor and walls define half of the space, then are connected to rough-textured wooden floors that extend to the master wall of the bedroom, forming an M-shaped area for sleeping.

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J.T International Interior Design


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