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Croatia / Osijek

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design, naming, packaging, schnapps, brandy

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Leo Vinkovic, Igor Penovic, Maja Gjaji, Tonci Klaric

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"SHALL WE HAVE ONE?" (ONE translates as “JEDNA” in Croatian.)
The very thought of this sentence spoken in a Croatian bar is completely unambiguous in the context of our country and the environment. When someone speaks these words, everyone knows what they mean – rakija (a type of brandy).

Entering the market with the name JEDNA (ONE) is a good foundation for interesting and fun communication of the brand. Just imagine for a moment, "SHALL WE HAVE ONE (JEDNA)?" with such a name becomes a question and the answer at the same time.
ONE for the road, A short ONE, A sharp ONE, ONE made of apricot, ...​​​​​​​

The design proposal is based on hand-made animal illustrations characteristic of Slavonia and Baranja.
Each illustration represents one type of rakija, which helps us distance product from the classic approach of representing a type of this drink with a picture of a fruit.

The labels are complemented by additional illustrations of the production process, as we want to educate the buyer about the quality of production. The label also contains a characteristic folk tale about the birth of rakija, as well as the conceptual link to the animals and a proper way to drink rakija.

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Marija Gasparovic


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