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Urban Planning and Landscape Design Category



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Beijing, China

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Architecture | Urban Design

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Kuczia architects

Team Members

Dr. Peter Kuczia

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Peter Kuczia | AVANCIS

Project Description

There are hundreds of unsightly footbridges in Beijing. The idea of cladding them with power generating thin-film solar panels is not only sustainable, but also creates sculptural diversity in the town. Each single footbridge gets its own individual design, becoming a cityscape eye catcher and even a unique reference point for visitors.

The lightweight, aesthetic thin-film AVANCIS photovoltaic modules are able to produce electricity under the most unfavorable weather and site conditions, so they are ideal material for cladding the existing structures.

E-car and e-bike charging stations under the footbridges will directly utilize the generated solar energy on site.

Display measures communicate the advantages of solar energy and educate the passerby about sustainability.

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nomadd+ | AVANCIS


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