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Project Title

MEE Nagoya

Project Function

Bar Lounge

Project Location

Japan, Nagoya

Project Tags

Interior, Design, Bar, Lounge, Lighting, Architect

Office Name

Doyle Collection co. ltd.

Team Members

Kenichi Nagai,

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Doyle Collection co. ltd.

Project Description

MEE is a Bar & Lounge, which has a casual modern design, not just pulling towards a specific style but at the same time, giving an impression that will not limit to only one style. There are various “opportunities” to find out the best way to spend one’s time here.
The bar area represents this whole Bar & Lounge. This is the first place to greet the customers. We provided this room with great impact designs so that there will be a “switch” for them to shift from daily feelings to a different MEE atmosphere.
By eliminating things associated from the daily workplace and living place, we created functions that will lead to an extraordinary atmosphere: the form of the bar counter, ceilings with mirrors and more.
For every private room, on the other hand, we expressed with a unique worldview to pinpoint down the preference.
Finding the best room in accordance to that day’s mood. We hope customers could find their “pleasurable voyage time” here through these designs. We selected a world city for each room and created the room in reference to the inspirations from the cities.
It is our greatest honor if you could find and make “opportunities” to spend your time here at MEE Nagoya.

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Image Credits

Nacasa & Partners Inc.

MEE Nagoya


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