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Project Title

House 1881

Project Function

Heritage Building, Hotel Revamp

Project Location

Hong Kong

Project Tags

Graphic Design, Branding, Logo, Brand Identity

Office Name

Ruth Chao Studio

Team Members

Magdalene Lam, Jack Tai

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Ruth Chao Studio

Project Description

Hotel 1881 is one of the most prestigious heritage buildings in Hong Kong established since year 1881. In the rebrand of its 138 years of history, we pay tribute to the strength that stood in the test of time as one of the two largest heritage buildings in the whole of Hong Kong. Reflecting this precious colonial architecture, the logo design underwent multiple rounds of size tests and adjustments. Every detail, such as the grand columns and vintage window frames are translated, adjusted, reduced then simplified with absolute precision to ensure an authentic representation of this historic gem, yet overcoming the graphic challenge to display perfectly even in sizes as small as logos on name cards. Celebrating the uniqueness of the figures "1881", which are made by the iconic shapes of two rectangles and four circles of "1881", a vibrant and dynamic VI adds brightness and vibrancy to the historic establishment. The brand design is translated to an array of collaterals, one of which is the room key card case, which upon pulling, creates an animated experience on paper where the hotel lights coming alive, adding a touch of fun to this treasured piece of history.

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Image Credits

Ruth Chao Studio

House 1881


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