Antuo Hill : Nature & Art Park

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Antuo Hill : Nature & Art Park

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Shenzhen, China

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Michel Hössler, Mingli Huang, Xueyan Liu, zhaoxia Tuo, Kai Diao, Zhiling Guo, Hong LI, Mengdi Lu, Jie Ouyang, Linhan Hu,Donghua Zhu, Clément LECURU; Carlotta MAZZI; Helen STOKES

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Antuo Hill is witness to the process of land reclamation for the coastal metropolis that is Shenzhen: a story of mountain, sea, rock, and city. This hill has historically supported the construction of the city as a source of stone for making concrete, and decades of mining have left their marks on the landscape.
The concept is to work with these carved out cliffs, allowing wind, light, shadows, plants, and structures to reshape the artificial face of Antuo Hill. The enclosing form of the valley captures every drop of rainwater to form a gurgling creek, its water mist cooling the microclimate, creating a refreshing secret place in the urban environment. The creation of park evokes the collision and integration of past and future, of culture and ecology: Antuo Hill becomes a gemstone of nature and art.
The introduction of the Antuo Hill APP will increase public engagement, allowing visitors to follow, share and contribute to the development and evolution of the park through this shared platform.
Finally, Antuo Hill will become a “Nature & Art” park with zero-waste and zero carbon emissions as an educational base of experimental recycled art.

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Main image: Antou hill detail entrance; Optional image: Antuo site location_from mountain to sea 5 ANTUO HILL inside cliff exhibition areas; 3 ANTUO HILL art room garden near entrance; 6 ANTUO HILL Forest Valley PAR; 11 ANTTUO HILL-Section perspective

Antuo Hill : Nature & Art  Park

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