Chagall Lounge

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Chagall Lounge

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Airport Business lounge

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interior architecture; airport lounge design;

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M+R interior architecture

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Hans Maréchal; Emy Liebregts; Anja Romme; Anuschka Maréchal

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M+R interior architecture

Project Description

For the business lounge, we have incorporated the wavy movements in the life of Chagall residence between Russia; France and the USA. Using the Volga river as an inspiration. The flowing movement of the river has defined the islands with seating areas in the lounge and the walls are built up in geological layers created by the wear of the water that flows through the river. The islands are raised floors so that the seating areas give visitors a good overview in the lounge, 'the visitor is on stage'.

The lounge is 1.990 square meters and has a capacity of 385 seats located in the new extension of the terminal C. The walls are randomly shaped and wave through the space, each layer has its own color and structure. The layers are accentuated with indirect light lines for a dramatic effect. The architectural columns show images of paintings by Chagall, executed in glass mosaic. The lounge is visually divided with three accent colors from paintings by Chagall and also translated into the upholstery of the furniture. Behind the reception is a big stained-glass wall indirect lit based upon the works of Chagall, the restrooms are as a painting in glass mosaic.

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Sheremetyevo VIP

Chagall Lounge


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