Chamber for a Mind Stroll

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Project Title

Chamber for a Mind Stroll

Project Function

Residential , model home

Project Location

Tainan , Taiwan

Project Tags

Interior Design , Tong Yu , Taiwan

Office Name

Tong Yu Interior Renovation Co,.Ltd

Team Members

Chuang yuan-ting , Cheng Jui-Wen

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Tong Yu Interior Renovation Co,.Ltd

Project Description

The network of objects captures the subtle perception of the void and solid. The three-dimensional depth of space jumps into the deeper layers of the extended universe.

We receive information from the five senses that are in touch with the atmosphere. The collisions of particles from the natural colors of heaven and earth burst into shapes and patterns of floral growth. The dialogues between cool and warmth, light and shade, solid and soft, and front and rear in nature are filtered and scattered on the ceiling and the floor. Each object in the nook and cranny, along with its transition and entrance, is independent and yet coherent.

Here the primal beginning of home starts with shapes and figures. The colors and textures of these forms crystallize into the grandiose space with relaxed comfort that is its inner psyche. Contained in the subtle daily life, the bits and pieces of conscious and perceptions glitter in the illustrious bright room.

The water adjacent to the living and dining rooms reflects natural light into the interior. The airy quality of warm, translucent color evolves with the spectrum, animated within its own tranquility.

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Tong Yu Interior Renovation Co,.Ltd

Chamber for a Mind Stroll


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