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Zhoushan Daishan Sea Altar Restoration

Novum Design Award

Architectural Design Category



Project Title

Zhoushan Daishan Sea Altar Restoration

Project Function

Public Building

Project Location

Lulan Qingsha, Houshayang, Daidong Town, Daishan County, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, China

Project Tags

Renovation, Brick, Black Tile, White Wall, Granite

Office Name

Hangzhou PanTianShou Landscape Design & Planning Co., Ltd.

Team Members

Renmin Zhu

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Renmin Zhu

Project Description

Zhoushan Daishan Sea Altar is located in China's famous marine fishery high production area, the project area is about 1000 square meters, through the abandoned stadium and the surrounding waste cleverly used to transform the shape.

Considering the deep roots of local marine fishery culture, this renovation takes the elements of island fishery architecture and sails as the main style, selects black, white, gray and brown as the main colors in line with the characteristics of local residential fishing boats, and places new landmark items under the premise of respecting the natural environment with the help of local natural materials such as green bricks, black tiles, white walls, solid wood and green and gray granite. In the restoration and renovation of the sea altar in Daishan, Zhoushan City, the designer emphasized the refinement of local traditional folk culture including folk architecture, theater, queens, altars, sails, sea gods, dragon kings and other stylistic elements, which were carried forward through this special altar project as a carrier.

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Image Credits

Renmin Zhu

Zhoushan Daishan Sea Altar Restoration


DESIGN SCORE:      /100

Novum Design Award Winner in

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